How to fill fields of search attributes

Notices: in examples blanks are shown by means of a sign ^.


PN - Publication Number

publication number (11)

Example: 1248

AN - Application Number

country code (19) + application number (21) / country code, where presented priority number (33) + priority number (31)

Since 2000 before number of the application symbol "P" for inventions and "U" for utility models is put.

Example: AM98033, AMP20020135 or AMU20020115 / US09/575957

IC - IPC Indexes

International Classification indexes (51)

If it is necessary add one or two ZERO to have three digits before the oblique stroke.

Example: A61B017/00 or A23B007/03 or A23B007/*

DD - Dates

application publication date (43), patent publication date (45), priority date (32)

Date is set in the following order - year (4 signs), month (2 signs), day (2 signs).

Example: 20021115

NM - Persons/Firms

applicant's (71), inventor's (72), owner's (73) name(s)

Example: Stepanjan (you can also use "*" for seaching the different variants of transliteration? for example: Stepan*)

AB - Key words from Title/Abstract

keywords from title (54) or abstract (57)

Example: Refrigerator