EAPATIS Service Possibilities

The simple "Query builder" user interface is presented to provide simple and user-friendly access to main EAPATIS functionality.
As result of "Query builder" using the complex query is generated and then may be used to perform searching.

To improve effectiveness of search the following service possibilities have been added:

  1. Review of request structure before sending it to the server.
  2. Analysis of "zero" search results with recommendations for further actions.
  3. Analyzer of requests provides control and analysis of entered parameters of the search criteria of the request ("Query Analyzer" button).


This function allows you to view the structure of the formed query in the form of a line of symbols presenting the submitted search criteria, their parameters and applied (in accordance with EAPO rules) logical functions AND and/or OR between the search criteria. This function gives a possibility to analyze the formed query, and if necessary it allows to amend it and to send a more specific query. It improves effectiveness and quality of document search within the databases. For example, examine the following request:

  • IC: C07D307/77 C07D307/93
  • AB: alkyl* cycloalkyl*
  • NM: egis*
  • DD: 199802*

If the button "Search" is pressed the structure of the query will be presented as follows:

(C07D307/77\IC or C07D307/93\IC) and (alkyl*\AB or cycloalkyl*\AB) and ( egis*\NM) and (199802*\DD)


It is recommended to analyze the statistics of search results for each value, and specify the search value for the index, which found the largest number of documents or for which the system has returned zero results. To view detailed statistics on a query you need to click on the link, which presents the logical structure of the query. In this case, the number of found documents and time it took for the search will be shown in the search statistics for each of the search values separately. In case of receipt of the zero result of the search in EAPATIS there is a possibility to browse recommendations for further action. Drawing from patent search practices, a list of recommendation is displayed for each query and on how they can be modified. Recommendations that can be taken into account during the subsequent search:

  1. Try to use synonyms of the key words if it is applicable according to search criteria.
  2. Try to use other key words.
  3. If you have not applied the truncation method (*), try it. For example, the key word "connection\AB" may be replaced with the "connect*\AB"
  4. Pay attention to the language used while entering the key word. In DB in Russian (all DB in "EURASIA" group) search is possible only in Russian, in DB in English - only in English.
  5. Change the structure of the query.

Application of these functions allows to form new search variants and to continue searching until the necessary result is obtained.


Query Analyzer provides for control and analysis of the entered parameters of the query criteria. If a mistake is found a message appears showing :

  • Search criteria where a mistake was found;
  • Type of the mistake made;
  • Recommendations to eliminate the mistake.

In AN subjects of analysis:

  • Presence of two-letters country code in the beginning of the application number;
  • Absence of Cyrillic symbols in the country code, for example: symbols , , and others.

In IC subjects of analysis:

  • Presence of inverted commas if group/subgroup is indicated;
  • Prescribed IPC format, for example the DB index must start with a letter;
  • Number of entered symbols must not be less than 4 without taking into account inverted commas and *;
  • Absence of Cyrillic symbols, for example: symbols , , and others.

In PN subjects of analysis:

  • Format, the number should consist of figures only

In KW subjects of analyzing are:

  • Absence of inverted commas since searching by expression is not supported;
  • Absence of dash since searching by compounds is not supported;
  • Absence of figures in the beginning of a word, such words are absent in the DB.